Main directions of research

Department statutory research

"Improvement of prediction and monitoring methods for estimation the effects of underground mining on ground and rock masses deformation

Head of the research: Dr. Eng. Zygmunt Niedojadło

Current research projects

Grant: A proposed model of the upward movement voids to the surface, causing discontinuous deformations / project of the National Science Centre /OPUS / www

Head of the research grant, PhD. Eng. Agnieszka Malinowska

Grant: New algorithm for modelling land surface subsidence due to the rock mass drainage / research project of the National Science Centre /Preludium/ www

Head of the research grant MSc. Wojciech Witkowski
Scientific supervisor Prof. dr. Eng. Ryszard Hejmanowski

Prediction of ground and rock mass deformation

We devised unique software that allows us to predict surface and rock mass deformation caused by the exploitation of natural gas, crude oil and raw materials. The algorithm for prediction in time was developed by R. Hejmanowskiego in 1993 and since that time is still up dated. It is based on the description of the compaction/convergence of the deposits under the influence of pressure changes (gas/oil) and volume changes (raw materials/salt, coal) during underground operation. The developed methodology can also be used to investigate the behavior of the salt cavern storage facilities designed to store gas or oil.

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Satellite Radar Interferometry InSAR

The ongoing research in SAR technology application in order to establish spatiotemporal measurement of:

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